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April’s Going Bald For Kids With Cancer! Click here to donate.


Hi! On March 1st I am going to be getting the old No. 2 shave for kids with cancer! Why am I not doing The Worlds Greatest Shave, I hear you ask? Because The Leukemia Foundation supports animal testing and animal research despite that it has been proven to be completely irrelevant and void. All proceeds from the donations I receive will be going to a charity called Challenge, a non-profit foundation that offers services and support to children and families affected by cancer. Challenge does not support animal testing.My goal is $500, please show compassion and help me go above and beyond that!

*Each year approximately 600 children are diagnosed with cancer.
*An Average of 3 children die from cancer each week.
*There are over 200 different types of cancer.
*The most common childhood cancers are Leukaemia, Brain Cancer and Neuroblastoma.
*1/500 children under 15 will develop cancer.
*Australia has one of the highest incidences of childhood cancer in the world.
*In number of lives lost, Childhood Cancer is second only to Breast Cancer.
*Survival rate as low as 50%
*Medical experts are at a loss to what causes Childhood Cancer.
*$378 Mil spend on cancer research in 2000-01. That is 22% of all health research funds that year.

If you have or know someone who has cancer and wish to seek advice, call the cancer council helpline on 131120 AND don’t forget to donate!

-Love April.

Every little bit counts!
Go donate to this wonderful cause!

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